Friday, April 19, 2002

Defense of The Codes

Almost two weeks ago, Pete had the audacity to classify my team as a "Team in Trouble" and said that I had a "sub-par" draft. I admit that I paid to much for Mo Vaughn ($27), but I contend that I had an above average draft. Tonight, I'll compare my draft day hitting team with Pete's. Later, we'll look at pitching.

The Corners
I picked up Vaugh, A. Beltre and R. Sexson for my corner infield spots. None are tremendous bargains, but those three provide me with one of, if not the best first/third combination in the league.

Pete, on the other hand, spent $15 for the rookie Morgan Ensburg. Ensburg is currently hitting .219 with no homeruns despite his home games in the park formerly known as Enron Field. He also has Klesko and Rolen, but both were holdovers. Klesko is a stud, but Rolen is almost as much of an injury risk as Vaughn. All tolled, I have a pretty solid edge on the corners. Hell, Sexson alone has a good shot at out-homering all three of Pete's guys.

The Middle Infield
I've got F. Vina, R. Aurilia and R. Vasquez. Two out of three ain't bad. Vina has been playing leadoff and already has 5 SBs. Aurilia is a stud and has already stormed back from his injury (first HR tonight). Vazquez is a rookie and has looked awful early on, but the season is young.

Pete has Biggio, Alex Gonzales and Jose Vidro. Admittedly, Pete has the edge here. Vidro edges Vina, and Gonzales beats out Vasquez. However, if Aurilia puts up his traditional numbers and Biggio continues his downward slide (as it looks so far), my middle infields cumulative numbers will hold their own against Pete.

With Petrick and Lopez, Pete should have the edge in the catcher position. So far those two haven't really panned out, but they'll beat my Hundley/Metheny duo over the course of the season.

This one is pretty close because both of our outfield's have their problems. I drafted Edmonds, Pierre, Agbayani, Durazo, and Encarnacion. Edmonds and Durazo will both produce decent power numbers and Pierre will bring home the steals. Agbayani is a throwaway, but playing in Coors field means that there's always hope. Encarnacion is the pivotal player in my outfield. So far, he's delivered -- .306/4/11/3. If Encarnacion produces anything like his 2000 numbers (.289/14/72/16), I'll be fine.

Compare those five to Doug Glanville, Jeromy Burnitz, Peter Bergeron, Danny Bautista, and Matt Stairs. Pete doesn't have a reliable power hitter in the bunch. Edmonds and Pierre clearly outpace Glanville and Burnitz. Encarnacion and Durazo will outperform Bergeron and Bautista. This is the outfield that Pete drafted and he claims that I had a subpar draft? Pete has already cut Stairs, but Agbayani should outdo his replacement (A. Sanchez).

On offense, my draft compares favorably to Pete's. Pete's advantage, if he has any, is in pitching. I'll try and get to that, later.


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