Thursday, March 28, 2002

The team to beat?

More commentary from Pete:

This is going to be a very interesting. McDowall had just a terrible draft. Hernandez has been cut by the Rockies and Tatis looks to have another knee injury and Cust was also optioned to Triple AAA = that's 3 of his 14 hitters that are now dead spots.

From doing a bit of reading it also looks like there will be some hitters coming in that might have potential once a few of the always injury prone starters go down. I'm fired up - this is going to be fun.

Tuesday, March 26, 2002

Pete's report on the post-draft activities

I'll try and post a report on the draft this week. Until then, here is Pete's report on the post-draft activities in Las Vegas:

Ended up winning just over a $1000 in the span of 5 hours Sunday night/monday morning playing Thunder Alley with Chuan and James to actually finish ahead for the week. Dan, who was drunk, continuing to drink and substiting only on the pre draft Mickey D's meal, stumbled to an open blackjack table, discovered it was a $25 minimum hand, and though only had $100 with him decided to play. 10 hours later, and never betting anything other than a base $25 bet (I believe) he won over $2000. I don't think he got rated though. If so, we might all have a free hotel room. I learned 2 things. First - play Roulette from now on. Second, never ever slip a little "something extra" on a bet.

p.s. -- I got a check for 128.50 waiting right here. All I need is the plaque. . .