Tuesday, May 16, 2006

My muse

If you're curious about why I decided to post again, look no further than this article by a "professional" rotisserie writer in the Seattle Times. On April 12, he wrote about the wisdom of cutting favored players who aren't panning out:

But it soon became clear I needed to drop Swisher, who started just five of Oakland's first seven games and hit either eighth or ninth in each. And he didn't do much to earn a move up in the order, batting just .211 with one home run and eight strikeouts in 19 at-bats.
OK, you say, but if I'm going to drop someone I once liked so much I must replace him with player who has staying power.

Not necessarily true. When filling holes left by middling and underperforming players, I pretty much ignore staying power while concentrating on three things: Who's hot, who can contribute in categories I'm lacking and who has upcoming matchups that favor his splits tendencies.
What's Nick Swisher's stat line just more than a month later: .305 avg., 12 HR, and 30 RBI. Someone in Jerry Faull's rotisserie league is awfully happy that he pulled the trigger so soon.

h/t Roto Blog

Miss me?

What's four years among friends? My rotisserie team is having its worst year yet, so what better time to try blogging again? Hopefully, I'll last a bit longer this time. And if we're really lucky, Pete will rejoin the effort.